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      BAC Unmanned

      Unmanned Aerial Vehicles/Systems (RPAS/UAVs/UASs) or drones are here to stay. Whatever you prefer to call them, UAVs are currently revolutionising many aspects of commercial aviation and will continue to disrupt and alter the nature of our industry. BAC prides itself as a dynamic company at the forefront of its industry and as such we embrace change. Building on our legacy as an established helicopter operator and training school, we bring you BAC Unmanned, not only to train UAV pilots, but to offer a wide range of UAV services. Currently our UAV platforms are designed to operate in a number of sectors including training, mining, aerial photography, engineering, precision agriculture and environmental monitoring. UAV based data collection can boost your productivity and we can supply custom made solutions for your business.

      Precision Agriculture

      The next revolution in precision technology is here. By monitoring crops and livestock from the sky with a drone or RPA you can capture highly accurate maps of your fields, without the cost and hassle of manned services and at a far greater resolution. Highly accurate contours for irrigation, crop health through NDVI from near infra-red sensors and even thermal heat maps can be available to your precision platform at the touch of a button. The understanding and application of this data is key to boosting yields and cutting costs, thereby increasing your bottom line. Our operators have vast experience in not only developing plant health indexes, but also interpreting them, with specialised agricultural expertise in Sugar cane, Citrus and Forestry.

      Industrial Survey – Construction & Engineering

      Using a drone can greatly reduce the time spent collecting accurate survey data. By acquiring raster data from the sky – in the form of geo-referenced digital aerial images, with resolutions as sharp as 2 cm per pixel – you can gather millions of data points and use these to monitor your site in 2D and 3D. With flexible outputs, your digital site can be imported into specialised engineering software like AutoCAD and Civil3D. Plus, thanks to a drone’s ability to collect data from above, there is no downtime required while surveyors move around your construction site, which also increases site safety by minimising the time these staff spend on site.

      Aerial Filming & Photography

      One of our specialist capabilities is aerial filming and photography. BAC Helicopters is already involved in the filming of major sporting events and has established partnerships with some of the best aerial photographers in the country. BAC Unmanned will form synergies with our traditional helicopter based photography to provide our clients with a product that is better, more versatile and can be tailored to fit every budget.

      RPAS licensing & RPAS Training

      Whether you are a seasoned operator or a beginner to unmanned flight, the South African Civil Aviation Authority (SACAA) require you to have an RPAS license to commercially operate a drone. Conveniently situated off the N2 between Durban and Umhlanga BAC Unmanned is the ideal training facility for all your RPAS training needs. Our friendly and highly qualified staff will equip you with the skills and certification you need to legally operate an RPA in South Africa.

      Environmental Monitoring

      UAV or UAS technology suits a wide range of conservation and environmental monitoring applications. Whether you need thermal imaging for animal counts, multispectral data for plant species identification or accurate cut and fill volumes for erosion monitoring, BAC Unmanned can tailor a solution for your needs

      Safety & Quality

      Safety is the primary concern of every member of the BAC Helicopters team. Safety underpins every aspect of all BAC operations and is based on a company culture, driven to a dedication of safety awareness, improvement and safe operating practices. BAC adheres to a stringent set of safety standards, aimed at reducing risk in all areas of operation. An SMS (Safety Management System) has procedures and processes in place that facilitate and encourage continual risk analysis. A proactive approach and the right attitude towards safety have given BAC a proud and enviable record in the industry.

      BAC Helicopters Company Overview

      BAC Helicopters is one of the longest established helicopter operators in South Africa. Based in Durban, South Africa, BAC is ideally positioned to offer an extensive range of helicopter services including charter, contract flying, operational flying, helicopter training including mining and exploration support services.
      Built on a strong foundation of safety, quality and operational diversity, our company trains and employs a close-knit team of industry professionals and highly qualified commercial pilots, ensuring maximum customer satisfaction. Our aim at BAC Helicopters is to exceed the expectations of every client by delivering an outstanding, safe and reliable flying service.

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